Creative Writing – Maddy Thompson

A World Split Through Time


Whizzing past grassy paddocks. Face glued to the window. Nothing but bewilderment expressed in her face as the car curved round corners bringing into sight the endless ocean. Small houses sat just a few metres back from the glistening beach glazed in a salty sheen, only did she recognise them when she saw a glimpse of the iconic UFO house surrounded by trees as if it was hiding from its owners. You could see the excitement surge through her as her toes made contact with the sandy gravel road. Wiggling with excitement, she shot out like lightning out through the tussocks and into the bare sands decorated with nothing but shells and footprints. The loose sand seeped into the gaps between her toes, and as she kicked it off, the sand swirled, spun and silently salsaed with the wind. The water tickled her bare feet as it carelessly dribbled over her toes, begging her to come in and play. Swishing, splashing and shouting were all her father heard as her giggles echoed across the ebbing shoreline. Her wild laugh and ongoing gibberish was the only insight into her crazed imagination anyone ever had. Rocks turning into elephants. Monstrous crabs dominating tidal pools. The seagulls turn heads as she plunges her self off the top of the ancient sand dunes. Dusty debris shoots up into the air as she rockets down suddenly becoming engulfed in the comforting pillow of sand. As the sun slowly sneaks away the shadows come out to play. Dancing and prancing around her, they tower over the beach dying it with dark streaks. Suddenly the sky sprung into life, highlighted with rosy oranges, and washed over with shades of scarlet, like a small child’s colouring book. As the world fell asleep so did she. Dragging herself back to the car, she says farewell to the beach till another day.

The memories flooded her mind, everything seemed so black and white. She starred out the window like she was in a movie, letting the worries of the world consume her every thought. The houses looked fragile, abused by the wind, on the brink of collapsing. Her heart sank as she came to realise the UFO had been reclaimed by its extraterrestrial owners. The gravel was a rough unpleasant feeling, her feet had softened much like her wild personality. She wandered through the tussocks trailing closely behind her father like she was connected by a string made of fear and safety. Darkness slowly submerged the beach as thundering storm clouds rolled in from each end. The sand scatters away from her every step, like a bullet shattering glass. The ocean roared, as loud as a lion, like a warning for her to stay out. A taunting “stay off” sign created an unbreakable forcefield around the dunes that she was no longer willing to break.  Her father wondered where the little girl inside her had gone, maybe she lost that part of herself or maybe she’s locked up deep inside. No one, but her, could know. Crashing, bashing waves smash against a lifeless pile of rocks. Tiny little creatures dotted the beach. Their homes like miniature tunnels drilled deep underground. The suns light suddenly consumed by the horizon left nothing but a golden line outlining the edge of the world. As the small sliver of light faded into the abyss, the rest of the world seemed to go dark. Wind whipped at their ankles. Shadows fought against the light eventually consuming the beach. The winter sky a violent sight. The beach no longer seemed like an inviting place to play and as they realised this they knew it was time to end the day.


  • The excitement driving past the paddocks,
  • Ufo house
  • watching the sand flick and dance in the wind,
  • constantly barefoot,
  • running through the fenced entrance kicking up a stand storm,
  • Seagulls scattered like clouds
  • sand dunes towering over me as I sprint up the banks and let myself tumble down over the cutty grass and into the comforting pillow of sand,
  • Puffy clouds highlighted in red-orange and pinks
  • dad trailing behind me throwing my little body into the air and as I come catapulting back down to the earth s fast as a bullet he swings me up right before I hit the ground.
  • Like a child mixing a palette of paint, the ocean contained layers of green blues topped with rosy oranges and sharp scarlets reflecting the beauty of the sky
  • The water tickled at my feet begging for me to play with it, splashing, jumping in and out of puddles,
  • letting my imagination run wild seeing colours that weren’t really there and
  • elephant of rocks splashing in the water
  • Sun setting light bouncing off puddles and saying goodnight


  • Looking out to the cloudy skies feeling despair for the excitement I once felt
  • It seems the aliens have left this place, my heart sinks as I wonder what I call this place if there is no ufo
  • The sand running away as if it was scared of me
  • Sand seeks into the gaps in my shoes making me feel the uncomfortable crunch
  • Slowly walking with lack of excitement like the issues of the world had a hold of me
  • All that was left on the sand dunes was a taunting sign “stay off the banks” the weird thing was I was no longer tempted to disobey for excitement
  • the little girl trapped inside of her 
  • Too big to be lifted up I just walked side by side with my dad creating a two parallel lines trailing behind me
  • The ocean roared violently no longer an inviting sight
  • Crashing waves crashing against the lifeless pile of rocks
  • Grey clouds rolled into the bay and the sun disappeared like it had better places to be
  • The silently the shy sun sneaks away under the horizon line creating a golden line outlining the edge of the world.

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  1. A great piece of writing, Maddy! Have a final read through today (out loud) to find any additional punctuation or word adjustments that are needed. You may also wish to vary/extend your sentence lengths even more to connect or isolate ideas. – There are some places where the sentences seem slightly listed but have a read through 🙂

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